About company

Servus GmbH provides tour operator services in Russia to foreign visitors and domestic clients. Our company is listed with the Russian Federal Register of Tour Operators (record No. 009283).

What we do 

We take care of logistics for visitors from other countries, including visa services as well as transportation and hospitality arrangements. We offer a comprehensive set of tourism-related services for domestic and foreign corporate clients. Working with foreign tour operators, we act as a host party for their customers visiting Russia.
As a travel agency, we do contract-based business with leading domestic tour operators, sell international tour packages, make reservations for both scheduled and charter flights as well as long distance train tickets throughout Russia and Europe.

What we do best 

Our main specialty is organizing personal tours in Russia. We excel at catering to individual preferences and creating truly personalized tour programs. We are proud to present the best of the country and know how to do just that.

Our guarantees

Our clients can rest assured that the services we offer will be rendered in full, and in case of an eligible loss all expenses will be reimbursed. We are a trustworthy business with excellent reputation, registered tour operator status and complete liability insurance coverage.

Insurance disclosure

Public liability insurance contract No. 0013241-1589544/13 GOTP, in regard to liability for failure to properly perform obligations under the contract for tourism services, signed on June 3 2013, valid from August 17 2013 to August 16 2014. Insurance amount: 500,000 rubles. Insurance provider: Soglasie Insurance Company, OOO. Physical address: 42 Gilyarovsky St., Moscow, 129110. Phone/fax: (495) 739-01-01.